Frequently Asked Questions

How would you describe your style?

Imperfect! because people aren't perfect. And it's those little imperfections and unique qualities that make every shoot, every wedding, every couple amazing and beautiful. My hope every time I pick up a camera is to create something honest and organic, something that tells a story, something that reveals an inner truth and beauty.

How would you describe your Shooting style?

Super relaxed. Honestly! I hate stiff and awkward posing and "sit up straight and tilt your head slight, no the other way, back a little, ok now chin up, and eyes right at me, and..." kind of nonsense just as much as the next person. Having your picture taken should be fun, not nerve-wracking. My shoots are very casual. We'll walk around and chat and laugh and make some awesome photos along the way! And if you've got time, let's grab a beer afterwards!

Where are you based out of?

I live in Fargo, North Dakota! If you're not from here, come visit and I'll show you around!

Do you travel for weddings?

Absolutely! I love to travel! Shoot me an email and we can discuss details.

do you shoot film or digital cameras?

While I love film and the slow, deliberate process that it requires I choose to shoot digital for several reasons. It allows me to be more creative and take chances and try things that might not work without the added cost of film. You'll receive many more images and I'm able to get them to you much quicker because I can start working on them right after I shoot them, rather than having to mail them to a lab and wait for them to do the work on their schedule.

What do you mean by vintage inspired photography?

While I don't shoot on film, I've always been inspired by many of the great photographers of the past. I shoot and edit my images to give them a film-like feel, that same warmth and texture and classic, time-less feel.

Do you do engagement sessions?

Absolutely! In fact all of my packages come with a complimentary engagement session because I just love them so much! They allow us to get to know each other better before your big day and celebrate an exciting time in your life!

How long is an engagement session?

That depends. Where do you wanna go? I love trying new and fun things with couples on their engagement session. I never put a time limit on the shoot or tell you how many changes of clothes you can have. My goal is to make some photos you will love forever no matter what it takes! The same applies for senior sessions.

What is a first look?

It's a time we set aside for you and you fiance to see each other before the ceremony. It's typically private and can be very intimate. It also allows us to take most of the portraits for the day before the ceremony, which means you get to relax and party and not worry about photos after! The first look is a beautiful moment and has resulted in some of my favorite images I've ever captured! I highly recommend it!

What are your wedding package rates?

My wedding packages start at $2500. Regular portrait sessions start at $300. Send me an email for a full package list with rates and we can begin a friendship!

How many images will I get?

For a wedding, couples usually receive 600-800 images, fully edited, along with a b&w version of every photo! For engagement/senior sessions it'll be around 60-100 images.

How do I book you?

Easy! Send me an email and tell me all about your wedding day! I'll let you know if I'm available and we can go from there!

Do you use social media?

Of course! Are there still people that don't? Hit me up via the links at the bottom of the page and let's be friends!

Do you shoot wedding films?

I have in the past but am no longer booking wedding films. After doing several I've simply learned that my true passion is in photography.

Do you shoot...?

Wondering about something that you maybe don't see on the site? Or have a super cool idea for a shoot? Get in touch! I'd love to chat it up and make something awesome with you!


Have another question? Don't hesitate to ask!