Aryn + Justin - Fargo Engagement Photographer

Aryn was bartending and Justin had come into the bar a couple of times. When Aryn mentioned that Justin was kinda cute to one of the barmaids, she yelled across the room "Hey Justin. Aryn wants you to take her out on a date." And that was all the motivation Justin needed.

When they mentioned that they loved traveling in long car rides together, I made them trek out to an orchard on the edge of town to take a few photos with me one evening.

Monday-ing - October 26

Happy Monday!

Here's what went down this week:

Editing like crazy. It's been a super busy fall and that means that I've pretty much been sitting in front of my computer working non stop past couple weeks.

Exploring alley ways in the rain. It's been a bit of a dreary week in Fargo but I love it. The rain mixed with Autumn gives everything beautiful, muted colors that are super fun to photograph.

Shooting with some iPhone lenses. I've been playing around a bit with Moment lenses and they recently sent me their new macro lens to use during the trip. First impressions: the build quality of them is outstanding and photos look pretty sharp. More to come.

Getting anxious to travel. Later this week I'll be in Asia!

Happy Trails!

Shawna + Matt - Dickinson Wedding Photographer

Perhaps one of the sweetest love stories is the love story between Matt and Shawna's daughter Phoenix. When I asked Matt how he knew that he wanted to marry Shawna, he said that he just knew that Shawna and Phoenix were the women he wanted in his life, even after only having dated a few months.

Shawna and Matt have known each other since high school, but it wasn't until one Labor Day weekend years later that something shifted. They stayed up all night that weekend dancing and laughing with a group of friends. Shawna admits, "while I didn't know right then that anything would come of us, it was most definitely the first moment that I looked at him in a different light." As their relationship grew, she knew this man was special. "I had never had someone look at me the way he did, like I was the most beautiful girl in the room, and the way he treated my daughter melted my heart and made me fall for him even more."

On a rainy August afternoon, Shawna, Matt and Phoenix celebrated their love for one another. According to Shawna, "My favorite moment was the dance that I shared with Matt and Phoenix. Phoenix and I have had a very bumpy road up until Matt joined our lives, and in that moment I saw how happy she truly was and I had never experienced anything more true than right then." It was a good day.

Danica + Jeff - Fargo Engagement Photographer

Their story starts like many. He saw her at a party. He asked her to dance. 

But then the story diverges. She said no.

A couple of years later, after seeing her a few more times, he asked, "So are you finally going to let me take you on a date?" 

And the rest is history. Well, not quite...

A few months later, he decided to break up with her because, according to Danica, hunting was more important than her. Jeff, of course, sees it a little differently. Either way, he asked her out again a few weeks later because, in Jeff's words, he couldn't resist her. And then you could say the rest was history.

Ellen + Brian - Fargo Engagement Photographer

Brian took a chance in messaging this gorgeous woman on eHarmony and immediately asked for her number. It took Ellen nine days to give it to him.

That happened in April of 2014 and they've talked every day since. Then again it's hard to resist a woman that, in Brian's words, is everything she said she was. That level of integrity is rare.

It was really great getting to know Ellen and Brian. Add a lovely park and you've got a great fall evening.

Monday-ing - October 19

Happy Monday Folks!

As I sit here writing this, I'm anxiously waiting for the next week and a half to pass before Jodi and I head to Asia. But until then, here's what went down this past week.

Seeing puppies everywhere! I had two engagement sessions this weekend and both couples brought with their four legged friends. It's a dangerous thing to be wanting a dog when you don't have the space for one. Some day...

Photographing horses. I did a shoot this week for a local magazine with a family that breeds Arabian Horses. Despite being from North Dakota, I've only ever ridden horses a couple times. Truly beautiful creatures though.

Starting to pack for the trip. If you're a photographer, you know the pain of trying to find the perfect camera bag to travel with. In the past I've taken camera messenger bags and backpacks. This time my goal is to bring as little with me as possible so I'm just gonna throw one of these awesome Mountainsmith Cubes into a normal backpack and call it good.

Looking at a couple different studio spaces that I'm super excited about. If everything goes according to plan I should be getting a space in January. We have some big plans for what's gonna happen in the space other than just photography. Can't wait!

Have a great week!

Monday-ing - October 12

Feliz Monday! It's starting to feel like fall has finally arrived.  Last night, the wind blew like crazy and the whole building creaked and moaned. Besides feeling like we're haunted, here's what else went down this week:

Starting to look at things to do while Jodi and I are in the Philippines and Vietnam. Cooking classes and scuba diving are pretty high on the list.

Eating a lot of curry.

Working on several different projects that I can't wait to share. I hate secrets as much as the next guy but there is some super cool stuff in the pipeline! Stay tuned!

Decorating my apartment with pumpkins and gourds. Because, you know, fall.

Watching hockey. Finally. The return of hockey has always sort of been the sign that winter is almost here. Who's ready for snow?


Stephanie + Zach - Fargo Engagement Photography

We began at their house and then wandered through alleys and fields. Soon they'll get married.

Katherine - Senior

Through fields and alleys and streets and paths.