Monday Misc.

The temps are dropping and wind is blowing and it is Monday again. Here's what we're up to:


  • Season's never seem to change gradually here. Rather you wake up one morning and realize that it's now fall. Good by me, I'm ready.
  • Definitely my favorite time of the year to take photos.
  • We had a bunch of friends over for a fire and food last weekend. While Jodi and I are always game to host, we're pretty terrible at cleaning. A week later, we finally have a clean kitchen again.
  • We added a drone to our inventory and I'm super excited to see how it might fit into couple sessions and allow us to get some really awesome photos.
  • There must be something to the changing of seasons that musicians time their new albums too but there's been a boatload of good new music lately. New Neil Young and Angus and Julia Stone are what's currently on repeat.


  • Yesterday I went hiking with a friend and a pup in Maplewood State Park, which is absolutely beautiful in the fall with the leaves changing and wild sumac blowing in the wind. Couples who want to do fall shoots at Maplewood - get at us!
  • Food tastes better outside. Especially corn on the cob! I'm ready to start cooking over a campfire or two.
  • We're signed up to run a long time this weekend but it's been a busy summer without much running so we'll see how long we actually run and how long it takes us to end up on a patio with a beer in hand.
  • I'm planning a roadtrip with my friend Sarah for the fall. We'll be chasing the leaves as they change colors and sleeping outside!
  • Tonight I'm making something with apples (fritters! pie! crisp!) because our neighbors gifted us with about 10 pounds of apples from their tree and I'm ready for fall desserts!

Happy Trails Friends!