Fargo Photography Studio

Jodi and I have had our studio for a little over a year. We had been looking for a couple years for a space that would be allow us to not only work and shoot out of but let us host events and dinners too so we were pretty pumped when we found it. I thought I'd give you all a peek at what it looks like. Check it out.

We do our best to set the tone right when people walk in.

A huge reason why we chose the space was the light. Great for working and shooting in. I love not having to turn on any of our lights until it gets dark outside.

Pro tip for hanging gallery photos: cut out all the sizes in wrapping paper and then just play around with them on the floor until they look right.

The space was pretty sparse for the first few months. Jodi and I built the two large dinning tables which are awesome for big dinners and working on big projects. We also found the light old hanging pendant lights at a salvage shop in Minneapolis.

Fargo tends to get a little chilly during winter. We try to stay prepared.

The couch came from my great aunt and probably the 1950's. It's in surprisingly good condition. We put some new foam in the seat cushions and it's practically new.

We keep a handful of fun sodas for guests. Empire's Spruce Beer is where it's at. It's like a tree in your mouth.

Old photography ads are some of the best things ever. 

So I've never owned a toaster oven until now and man was I missing out. Also, Albanese gummi bears are amazing.