Monday Misc.


Happy Monday!

Here's what we've been up to.


  • This week has just been a crazy rush. Lots of work and events leading up to us hopping on a plane to London later this week.
  • After several so-so attempts, I feel like I can now make a pretty excellent poached egg. I've never been a big fan of greasy fried eggs but I love a good runny yolk and toast.
  • Fargo has a really awesome artist community. The annual craft fest was this week and it was super fun to walk around and see what every has been making recently. This year's event really had a huge variety of artists and makers.
  • Proof that we work with the coolest people: Our couple last weekend volunteered to go barefoot puddle-jumping during their engagement session. Also, it was about 35 degrees out.
  • We'll be traveling super light for this trip. Just a small backpack each which means I'll be pretty light on the camera gear as well. I'm bringing my Fuji X100S which is one of my favorite little carry around cameras.


  • Last week was a bit of a whirlwind since we leave this week for Europe! No complaints, though, because, well, Europe.
  • I actually ran. Like once, but it felt amazing and terrible. Mostly terrible til the very end. But those last ten minutes were glorious. 😂
  • The Unglued Craft Fest was this weekend! I don't go to nearly the number of events that I used to when I first moved to Fargo, but every time I get to go or participate in something that is making the community more inclusive, more diverse, and more art-ful I get all the feels. And now the shop has a bunch of new inventory to boot!
  • We had a photographer meet up at the studio last week and people actually came! But no one ate cake! (It wasn't that bad, I promise...) I got to meet new people, too, which made my extroverted self extra happy.
  • We leave on Wednesday. Holy crap.

Happy Trails!