Lindsay + Jay

There is something so compelling about a groom who is open and honest about how much he loves his bride. When Jay talks about Lindsay, it's in an absolutely refreshing way... "I used to always dog on my friends for hanging out with their girlfriends and didn't understand why they would pick the girl over the guys until I met Lindsay. My love language is quality time, and time spent with Lindsay is the "qualitiest" of time."

Jay and Lindsay had an awesome wedding. Lindsay's grandmother immediately teared up at seeing her grand daughter made up and donning a wedding dress. Jay offered his strength to Lindsay as we guided them over rocky trails to a secluded river overlook. Lindsay's father sang her a song that he had written for her as a child but never performed. The whole family made it out on the dance floor.

Still, I keep coming back to Jay's answer to the question of how he knew he wanted to marry Lindsay, because it encompasses so much of what we felt from them as a couple. Comfortable, confident, and grateful to be spending their lives together.