Monday Misc.

Happy Monday!

I'm sitting at home in Fargo where it poured all night long and into the morning and the forecast looks like rain for the next 10 hours, which means tonight's engagement session could be fun! Here's what else we've been up to:

  • We've been watching Parks and Rec. After introducing Jodi to The Office, she's making me watch Parks and Rec and I'm loving it. I'm a huge fan of the faux-documentary thing that they both have going on.
  • I'm getting antsy to move to our new house in a couple weeks. It's impossible to not start planning things out when I know that I'll have way more space to cook and grill and host people and build things get the idea.
  • I'm on a mission to actually understand music and composition. I really don't have much of a background in it but everything so far is fascinating. I just started reading a book called How to Listen to Great Music that explains a lot of the context and story and construction behind some classic pieces. Super cool stuff!
  • We hosted our second film and feast dinner this weekend and I loved every second of it. There's really something so beautiful about the simple act of people coming together to eat a good meal and have a real conversation. We're still both kind of blown away that anybody has shown up to these!
  • I ordered some studio lights to play around with. I'm not much for your standard portraits on a backdrop but I am super excited to play around with them and see what we can come up with. It's always fun to throw a new toy or twist into the standard set up and see what happens.
  • Working with more amazing artists in the area for our Artist Studies series. We'll start sharing this real soon (possibly this week?) so stay tuned!

Happy Trails!