Monday-ing - February 15

Happy President's Day! It's been frigid in Fargo lately but word has it that we'll be getting a bit warmer this week so fingers crossed. Here's what's been happening in my life:

Building tables. Finally. We've had a giant pile of boards sitting in the studio for about 6 weeks now that we'll be turning into two large dining tables to host dinners. They'll hopefully be done in the next week or so. Also, sawdust everywhere.

Watching True Detective. I've been hearing great things about the show for awhile now but had no clue as to what it really was. That first season though. Wow. Intense. Super good.

Digging these super awesome posters that NASA just released. Need to print off a couple to hang somewhere.

Skiing! Jodi and I headed out to Big Sky, Montana last weekend for a beautiful, small wedding in the mountains. Turned out to be a great excuse to take a couple days to ski.