Monday Misc.

Happy Monday friends!

We got back from last weekend's wedding in Denver and have been crazy busy shooting and meeting with couples this week! We're gonna change it up a little bit by adding Jodi into the mix to talk about what she's been up to as well! Here we go:


  • We've had some sketchy weather this week so we were pumped when Saturday's wedding turned out to be an absolutely gorgeous fall day.
  • We saw plane tickets to Copenhagen a couple months ago for super cheap and passed on them and regretted it ever since so we hopped on some yesterday when they dropped again! In March we'll head to London and Paris! Seriously, go check out the deals through Icelandair right now!
  • I bought a new lens that I've been eyeing for a long time and have been having a ton of fun with it so far. It's a tilt-shift which is normally only used for photographing architecture but you can do some crazy rad stuff with changing up focus that makes it cool for portraits.
  • Hockey is totally back! Luckily I can absolutely edit photos while watching a game. Go flyers!!


  • Oh man, Colorado! Some of my friends from Chicago moved out to Denver so seeing them when we were there was so good for my soul. As were the mountains.
  • Our good friend Ashley is getting married (Camp Carldedinson 2017!) and so a few of us ladies woke up early on Sunday to spend the day in Minneapolis to find her a dress.
  • Said friend also had an engagement party at the studio on Friday night and it was really fun to play some weird Midwestern hand slap game, toast champagne, and dance to the Fitness Marshall.
  • Every member of Jon and Katelyn's wedding party on Saturday was a quality human being, which made it an absolute blast of a day full of finger guns and giggles.
  • Hockey is back! I care that hockey is back? #👻🐻

Happy Trails!