Monday-ing - January 11

Holy Crap! It's 2016!

Welcome to the new year! Man, 2015 was crazy and awesome and filled with a ton of change for me. I'll probably some kind of year in review post later so for now we'll just check out the past couple weeks. Here's what went down:

Celebrating a new baby! My brother Ben and his wife Linsey (see more of them here) had their second boy last week! His name is Jude. He's super cool!

Watching hockey! Jodi bought me tickets to an NHL game in Minneapolis for Christmas and we went this past week. Absolute blast! And we (the Flyers) won in overtime!

Building and painting and moving. So many things! It's been a crazy couple weeks but the new studio is almost done!

Making tortillas. I've been eager to learn how to make tortillas for awhile. Turns out it's super easy. Just buy some masa harina and mix it with water and then flatten them out with a tortilla press. It also turns out that they're really hard to make without a tortilla press. Future purchase, I'm thinking.

Buying some cool old factory light pendants from a place called Bauer Bros in Minneapolis. It's this massive building(s) just filled with old lockers and lights and toilets and tables and everything you could think of that goes into a building.

Here's a sneak peek at the studio: