Monday-ing - September 28

Whoah! September is almost done! Fargo continues to be indecisive about whether it's summer or fall. This past week found me spending a lot of time in bed as I caught a pretty fun little cold. Here's what went down:

Making soup. And tea. Hot liquids are heaven sent for the sore throat.

Exploring and taking photos with Jodi. I've started making her take a camera with her whenever we go anywhere. She'll be a top notch photographer before long. Check out a couple photos here.

Building a field guide to help couples prepare for their engagement and wedding photos. I'm having to teach myself Adobe Indesign so it's been a slow process but it's looking super cool so far!

Making eggs. Eggbake to be exact. If there's one thing I've learned from being a Midwesterner, it's how to just throw a bunch of ingredients together, toss it in the oven, and have leftovers for days. I pity the hotdishless.

Slowing attempting to add pumpkins into every facet of my life. And the farmer's market is a prime place to do this. Tis the season.

Waiting. Jodi and I leave for the Philippines in exactly one month!