Monday-ing - September 14

It's a double edition of Mondaying today because...well, I forgot to do one last week. But last week's loss is today's gain as it's been an event fourteen days. Here's the lowdown:

Buying tickets! My girlfriend Jodi and I are gonna head to the Philippines next month for a couple weeks. We fly in there and out of Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam and that's about the extent of our plans so far. Getting super excited for some exploring and great food!

Watching the movie Comet. Twice. If you like 500 Days of Summer, check it out. It's one of those movies that finishes and makes you spend the next twenty minutes just sitting there trying to piece it all together. It's on Netflix. Go watch it.

Shooting a couple senior sessions. I don't photograph a ton of seniors but after this week I'm starting to think I should really start. Senioritis isn't gonna document itself, ya know?

Drinking pumpkin beers! I think we're about to that point of the year were it's getting safe to have pumpkin in every part of your life, most importantly beer. Current fave: The Jack-O-Traveler Shandy.

Building a headboard. I got a bunch of reclaimed wood from my friend Seth at ICSS Design and Jodi and I spent a couple hours cutting and nailing and laying them out. I feel dangerously like an adult now.