Monday-ing - August 31

Happy Monday! Summer has returned. After a couple weeks that had me feeling like Autumn was on the doorstep, the last few days have reminded me of what it's like to sweat. Here's what else happened:

Laughing at the sense of humor of dogs. During this Saturday's wedding, the couple's big dog decided to join the bride as she walked down the aisle and then again during their first kiss. Made for some fun photos!

Building a table for my girlfriend's apartment. She just moved into a new place so we spent Thursday building a table and a set of benches for her kitchen nook.

Trying my hand at carving some wood spoons. Fun but painful. I lost a bit of thumb skin in the process. But they're starting to look cool!

Listening to the new Noah Gunderson album. He's an amazing musician and an even better lyricist. Go check it out.

Being blown away by the great couples that I get to meet up with and work with for their weddings. I've been booking some for next year that are gonna be unbelievably cool!