Monday-ing - August 3

Monday-ing - August 3

Wha?? Somehow it became August without me really knowing. This summer is flying by. But that's OK because this week was pretty grand. Here's the lowdown:

Loving Fargo's new Red River Farmer's Market. Fresh veggies and fruit and food!

Drinking Pisco Sours. If you've never had one, Pisco is a liquor popular in South America. I had one when I was down in Peru years back and wanted to try to make it myself. Super easy. Lemon, Pisco, Simple Syrup, and an egg white. Shake it up. Pour. Add a dash of bitters on top. My official summer drink of 2015.

Building a new table and shelves for my kitchen. My buddy Seth of ICSS Design hooked me up with some awesome reclaimed wood that I used. I can finally cook with having to balance everything on my three little counter spaces. Life is good!

Brainstorming names for some new projects that will be coming up soon. I love the process but at some point it starts to feel like when you say a word over and over again and it just sounds weird.

Experimenting with infusing olive oils with different things. We've got a couple different ones aging. I'll let you know in the future if they turn out well!