Monday-ing - August 24

Driving and driving. I drove across North Dakota and back twice this week for different shoots. Absolutely worth it, but as someone who doesn't love long drives to start with, I'm definitely in no rush to get back into the car for a bit. In between all the miles, here's what else went down:

Loving the amazing couples that I get to work with. I was surprised after an engagement session this week with a six pack of beer, including a bourbon barrel-aged porter that knocked my socks off. So cool!

Fighting the wind and rain. Mother nature put up a fight during this weekend's wedding. Despite a couple last minute changes, it ended up being an absolutely beautiful wedding day.

Re-watching the Fargo TV show. If you haven't seen it yet, you really owe it to yourself. Doubly so if you live in the Midwest. It's so good and the second season is coming up soon!

Enjoying the crisp breeze coming in the window as I write this. Over the last couple days, it's suddenly felt like autumn is here. I love me some summer and winter, but I could definitely live with fall weather for about 8 months a year. Flannels are coming out of the closet!

Doing some woodworking. I made a little cheese plate out of Mahogany that turned out pretty cool and just ordered some tools to try to carve some wood spoons. Here goes nothing!