Monday-ing - August 17

This has been a crazy week. I headed out to the badlands in western North Dakota to work on a shoot and then back to Fargo for a wonderful wedding this weekend and then I'll be back on the road for most of the coming week as well. It's a lot of moving around and I don't always love driving but when it means I get to work with amazing people and photograph such awesome couples, it's absolutely worth it.

Here's a couple things that happened this week:

Visiting me new niece Sadie. I can't get enough of her! She's one of those babies that doesn't cry a ton but just looks intensely at everything around her. So curious.

Experiencing the wildlife in Theodore Roosevelt National Park. It's impossible to drive through the park without just being blown away with the animals. Deer. Buffalo. Elk. Prairie Dogs.

Reading magazines. Exciting, I know. But summer is a great time for light reading outside or in a hammock. And there is probably a really well made magazine on whatever you're interested in. One of my current favorites: Imbibe. It's all about cocktail making. It's filled with fun recipes and awesome stories of different businesses and people doing really cool things in that world.

Getting super impatient after the announcement of Toy Story 4! It's a looooong ways off, but the Toy Story movies are some of my favorites.

Drinking Pimms for the first time. Why have I never had this stuff before? Mix it with some soda and throw in some sliced fruit and you've got a drink to rival a Moscow Mule or Gin and Tonic as the perfect summer cocktail.