Shawna + Matt - Medora and Badlands Engagement Photography

Shawna and Matt are clearly comfortable in front of the camera, but more importantly, they are comfortable with each other. Sharing quiet smiles and looks that spoke volumes, I led them up hills and down trails as the sun set.

Conjuring up a story to match the beauty of that evening would've been impossible. Matt's proposal, luckily, is too good to make up.

Matt picked up her daughter Phoenix from school and decided on a whim to go look at rings with her. When they came upon the perfect ring, Matt's plans to to wait and pop the question were dashed. He quickly high tailed it over to her father's and got his permission. Back at home, he and Phoenix both walked into the living room where Shawna was reading. Phoenix came over to her and asked if she loved Matt. Absentmindedly Shawna answered yes. Then Phoenix held out her hand, and opening it up, asked, 'Then will you marry him?'. In her little hand was the ring. It didn't take long for Shawna to end up in tears, but not before saying yes.