Monday-ing - July 6

Monday-ing - July 6

It was a fairly relaxed week for me. After being away, it was great to simply be at home for awhile and get a ton of work done. And be able to cook in my own kitchen again. Missed that soo much! Here's what else went down:

Making popsicles from scratch. Super easy. We just blended some coconut milk, bananas, coconut flakes, and cinnamon and froze them. I don't think they're perfect yet but we're real close.

Watching the fireworks in Fargo. I walked around downtown for awhile on Saturday night and it sounded like a gunfight was going on. Well done Fargo, well done!

Watching the Tour de France. Every year I look forward to July because it's when I get to watch maybe the most intense competition that there is. Also, it's filled with beautiful fly overs of the French and Dutch countryside which makes me really want to travel there. Someday...

Hosting more outdoor movies! This weekend some friends and I got together to do a bit of grilling and watch Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory on the back of the house. Gene Wilder is insane and I love it.