Monday-ing - July 27

Monday-ing  - July 27

Happy Monday world! The weather is amazing and I'm loving it. I've spent my share of time in a hammock this past week reading and napping. Between naps, here's what went down:

Listening to some brilliant talks at TedX Fargo. I spent Thursday bettering myself (hopefully) by listening to a bunch of inspiring and insightful talks on everything from healthcare and education to marshmallows and music.

Chasing thunderstorms. My favorite part of North Dakota summers might be the crazy thunderstorms we get. I love them. The light flashes and fills up the sky for one instant and then goes pitch black the next. Crazy beautiful.

Eating beets. I bought a couple beets at the local farmer's market the other day. I've eaten beets here and there but I've never actually cooked with them before.

Making bruschetta. I've been on a bruschetta kick this week. It's so good. And so easy to make.

Picnicing. They're the best.

Working on a secret project that I'm very excited about. There's still a lot of work and experimenting to do but I'm hoping I'll be able to talk about it soon!