Monday-ing - July 20

Monday-ing - July 20 - Double Edition!

Happy Monday! I was out of town in Duluth last Monday and never got around to posting so get ready for a double edition of Mondays! The past two weeks have featured two out of town weddings and so many fun happenings. Here we go:

Exploring Duluth and the nearby area. The whole scenic road up north of Duluth to Two Harbors and Gooseberry State Park is beautiful and features some really fun hiking. And waterfalls. Enough said.

Obsessing over all things copper. I found some awesome old copper salt and pepper shakers at a antique store and they fit perfectly with a new copper frying pan that I just got. I don't know what it is, but my kitchen can't get enough copper.

Reading a graphic novel called The Underwater Welder. I really haven't read many graphic novels but this one caught my eye and I loved it. It's a very quick read but tells a really touching and personal story.

Collecting old cameras. I've had a decent little collection of antique cameras for some time and a couple weeks ago I got another one from my grandmother. This past weekend she told me some of its history and I learned that it was actually at Pearl Harbor during the bombing! Crazy!

Cutting paper! I got one of those big wood paper slicers like they always had in schools and it's the best! I've never wanted to cut paper so badly.

Watching Interstellar finally, Have you seen it? Holy crap, that movie! It's like Christopher Nolan forgot that he was making a Christopher Nolan movie until the last 20 minutes and had to just cram all the crazy in right at the end.