Monday-ing - June 8

Monday-ing - June 8

It's been somewhat of a hectic week. I shot an amazing wedding this weekend and despite mother nature's best efforts to derail the day, we were able to get some awesome photos in between the rain. When I wasn't shooting, my time was largely spent doing all sorts of business planning for this summer and next. I did manage to steal away for a bit to escape with some friends to Buffalo State Park for some beach time.

Here's what else happened:

Anticipating getting a couple different products from Artifact Uprising. I've ordered prints from them in the past and absolutely love them and I've got a couple books in the mail that I can't wait to see.

Taking a bit of a break from the Artist Studies series. They've been a blast but for the next couple months I'll be crazy busy with wedding season and I can't wait! There will probably still be new studies here and there but they won't be every week as they have been.

Loving the new USB drives that I got. Seriously, take a look below. They're super cool!

Making soup, for some reason. Twice this week. Which is bizarre as the temperature has gotten into the 80's now. Sometimes you just really want a grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup, you know?

Watching Longmire on Netflix. It's sort of a western-themed-crime-procedural. It started off not super great but after just finishing the third season, I'm hooked. And now I have to wait until the fall to figure out what happens with Walt and Jacob!