Monday-ing - June 29

Monday-ing - June 29

It was a week of adventures! I finished up my two week artist in residency out at Theodore Roosevelt National Park and am happy to be back home in Fargo now. But I didn't get back before shooting a wedding in Minot and my sister having her first baby and my first niece!

Here's what else went down:

Standing in awe seeing my new niece Sadie. As much as you know that they're coming soon, I don't think you can ever get to that moment and not just be amazed at it all.

Feeling relieved to be back in Fargo. I feel like I've sort of been bouncing around between different places for the past couple months so I'm really looking forward to a couple more relaxed weeks.

Making fried cream cheese wontons for the first time last night! I've never made them myself before but they were super easy and soooo good!

Exploring through the national park. A seriously beautiful place to wander and drive. I spent many hours photographing the land and wildlife. I even had a bit of a scare when a buffalo snuck up on me! Seriously!

Getting some new glasses for the first time in awhile. I ordered a sampler pack from Warby Parker after hearing great things from some friends and so far I really like them. Now I just have to choose which one to keep.

Watching Harry Potter. I actually watched all eight movies this week while doing a bunch of editing and now I'm seriously considering re-reading the books. Dangerous.