Monday-ing - June 22

Monday-ing - June 22

Happy Monday internet! I've spent the past week out in Medora, ND photographing the national park as part of an artist in residency program. I've spent a lot of time hiking and biking and driving through the badlands. It's stupid how beautiful it is out here. If you've never been out here you really owe it to yourself to come spend a couple days in the area. It's unlike anything else in the area. And I've also managed to squeeze in a couple different shoots with some great couples.

Here's what else happened this week:

Being a little bummed out after seeing how expensive everything was at the carnival. If I was to go on a handful of rides and play some games and get some fair food I'd be broke in thirty minutes.

Missing my kitchen. I've had some great food but I just enjoy cooking too much. There's something about the act of preparing your own food rather than ordering it that's so much more satisfying.

Remembering how to shoot landscape photos. It's been awhile. While everywhere you look out here is super gorgeous, I can't help but always think that it'd be great to throw some people in the scene.

Mountain Biking, and Canoeing, and Tandem Biking.

Watching a lot of golf. About twice a year I get really into one of the Majors and this weekend was the U.S. Open. Four days of crazy shots. And the ending was nuts.

Eating taffy. So much taffy. Of every flavor.