Monday-ing - June 15

Monday-ing - June 15

Happy Monday friends! I've been excited about this coming week for quite awhile. I'm headed out to Theodore Roosevelt National Park in Medora, ND for the next two weeks to be part of their artist in residency program! I've always felt that Medora was sort of my backyard growing up. Our family used to go camping, hiking, biking, and more out there all the time. And along with my siblings, we've all worked out there at one point. My sister even got married just outside of town! But I've never actually spent much time taking photos out there. Needless to say, I'm super excited to get outdoors and see what I can come up with! I anticipate a lot of hiking and biking back into the park and many late nights chasing the sunset and photographing the stars. Here we go!

Here's a couple things that went down over the past week:

Forgetting that it was a stupid idea to buy groceries right before leaving for two weeks. I made baked mac and cheese last night with about 6 different kinds of cheeses just to use them up.

Feeling like a kid after seeing Jurassic World. Seriously, dinosaurs are the coolest. All I want to do now is go and watch the old ones and play with Legos.

Scoring some really awesome reclaimed wood from my friend Seth at ICSS Design. It'll all be for a little project that I'm doing for clients. Stay tuned!

Shooting outdoor weddings! Ok, so I love every wedding that I get to shoot. Honestly. But it's a special joy for me when I get to photograph one outside. It just makes me happy.

Loving the new albums that will be included in my top wedding package! Check out the album section on the site to see more!