I love wedding albums!

I love albums!

A huge reason behind why I love photographing weddings and couples is that I love stories. In any form. A great book. A thrilling TV show. Chatting around a campfire. Magazines. Movies. Podcasts. Anything.

And weddings are the ultimate culmination of so many stories. Between friends and family and the couple at the heart of it all. Every little detail has a story to tell and it all comes together beautifully as two people take the next step of their lives together. I love getting the privilege of capturing it all and an album is the perfect way to tell that whole story. From getting ready in the morning all the way to the dance.

It never ceases to excite me when I get to see photos I've taken in print and even more so when I get to put them all together in a way that I know will be cherished for years to come.