Monday-ing - June 1

Monday-ing - June 1

What a week! And it was my birthday this past Friday! I've managed to be out of the country for my previous four birthdays so a friend and I trekked up to Winnipeg for a couple days of camping and exploring to keep the streak alive! It was a much needed break and not being able to check emails and texts was a blessing. I've been up to Winnipeg a couple times but this was the first time I'd really explored the city itself rather than just camping outside of it. And we were not disappointed! We met some awesome people and found some great little shops and then returned back to the tent and campfire to cook supper. Overall, a great little get away. If you get the chance, head up there!

Here's what else happened:

Shooting my first wedding of the year this weekend. After second shooting a couple in the previous weeks, it was great to meet up with Jazsmin and Aaron for their big day and start creating!

Feeling blessed and thankful for all the birthday wishes and calls. I have amazing friends and family!

Drinking Innis and Gunn. For sad reasons, unknown to me, Canada is able to get a handful of really great beers that we don't get here in the U.S. My favorite of which is a Scottish brew called Innis and Gunn. It's sweet and smokey and caramely and wonderful and a requirement for anytime I go north of the border.

Getting a little wet. I had an amazing engagement session last night with Kenzie and Aaron and we finished it off by jumping into the water and getting some great shots that I can't wait to share!

Playing boardgames in a tent is underrated. The flavor of the week is one called Forbidden Island. It's got a wonderfully cheesy premise of explorers and artifacts and a sinking island and always results in a great tense conclusion. Highly recommended!

Getting slightly lost on the way back to Fargo. I love the fact that whenever I go to Canada I have to navigate the old fashioned way. With maps! Like, real paper ones! As a result, we accidentally made a slight 40 minute detour on our way back but on the bright side, I can now say that I've been to Steinbach, Manitoba which was not the case a week ago.

What have you been up to this past week?