Monday-ing - May 18

Monday-ing - May 18

The calm before the storm. That's sort of what this week felt like. I got back to Fargo last Monday after a couple weeks of traveling and pretty soon here I'll be full blown into Wedding season and a bunch of different little trips and shoots. So here's how the calm went down:

Starting to get a little ticked off with all this rain in Fargo. It's great to see everything start turning green and all but in the last week I was forced to reschedule four different shoots! As a result, I really didn't shoot much at all this week other than...

Photographing my first wedding of the year this past Saturday. I second shot a wedding with Katie Lewis Photography and it felt great to get back at it.

Experimenting with different biscuit recipes. We tried our hand at a couple different kinds, my favorite probably being one we packed with shredded smoked gouda cheese.

Watching Chef's Table on Netfilx. If you haven't checked it out yet, you really need to. It's a little six episode mini-series focusing on six different chefs around the world doing some really amazing work. It's fascinating to watch people that are simply on a whole other level when it comes to food. And it's beautifully shot. Makes me hungry just thinking about it.

Buying a really cool old bike at a garage sale. I think we'll take the whole thing apart to clean and paint it so it's gonna require some work but it'll be a fun little summer project.

Getting super psyched for all the shoots and weddings that are coming up.