Katelyn + Jon - Fargo Engagement Photography

A red truck, snow flurries, two people in love, and a Christmas tree.

Normally I'd tell one of the stories about how the couple met or how they got engaged, but here's the thing... when you meet Jon and Katelyn, it's easy to feel like you've known them forever. And it's easy to feel like they've been together forever, as well.

Now don't get me wrong. Their story is full of romance. On their first date, they made homemade truffles for dessert. Katelyn has even admitted to getting frostbite at a brewery in the dead of winter to keep a date from ending. Yet what I find myself coming back to more than anything else with these two is how genuine their love is, the way they feel at home with each other and consequently, the way you feel at home when you're with them.

Snow began falling as we all drove out to a Christmas tree farm about an hour outside of town. Jon and Kate hunted for their first Christmas tree together, which Jon set out to chopping down the old fashioned way. And with none of us wanting the afternoon to end, we explored back roads until we wound up at a lake that was frozen over just enough to go sliding on. Wintry wonderland indeed.