Monday-ing - October 19

Happy Monday Folks!

As I sit here writing this, I'm anxiously waiting for the next week and a half to pass before Jodi and I head to Asia. But until then, here's what went down this past week.

Seeing puppies everywhere! I had two engagement sessions this weekend and both couples brought with their four legged friends. It's a dangerous thing to be wanting a dog when you don't have the space for one. Some day...

Photographing horses. I did a shoot this week for a local magazine with a family that breeds Arabian Horses. Despite being from North Dakota, I've only ever ridden horses a couple times. Truly beautiful creatures though.

Starting to pack for the trip. If you're a photographer, you know the pain of trying to find the perfect camera bag to travel with. In the past I've taken camera messenger bags and backpacks. This time my goal is to bring as little with me as possible so I'm just gonna throw one of these awesome Mountainsmith Cubes into a normal backpack and call it good.

Looking at a couple different studio spaces that I'm super excited about. If everything goes according to plan I should be getting a space in January. We have some big plans for what's gonna happen in the space other than just photography. Can't wait!

Have a great week!