We think love is a big deal//We think it's meant to be shared

We're Zach and Jodi. We just moved from a house with more space than we knew what to do with to a tiny house. We have glow in the dark stars on the ceiling. We make pizza several times a week. We love Jesus and road trips and bonfires. We spend entirely too much time on Netflix. We're both slowly learning to play guitar and ukulele. We're inspired by nature and people pursuing their dreams. Also, we just got engaged!

And we think that love is a big deal. Like huge.

Strip away the centerpieces and the flowers, the dresses and tuxes. What you're left with are two people sharing their love for each other with those closest to them.

This is what we love. Capturing the real moments. The raw moments. The stolen glances. The tears of joy.

We love couples who aren't afraid to get a little dirty climbing through trees, who will jump in a river and journey up a mountain with us.

We love couples who know that their wedding is just the beginning or the adventure.